Friday, November 23, 2007

What Were We Thinking...

Well, I have to say, shopping at midnight at the outlets, didn't really appeal to me. But my dear friend, Like I Was Saying, decided she had to do it - just once. And so we did. After what we had heard from other shoppers - that it would be packed early, we took off for the outlet at 10pm. I called Like I Was Saying at 9:30 just to make sure she was still up for it - darn, she still is.

We definitely got there early. But lines were already forming. There was a line at the Coach Store an hour before they opened. Their line became outrageous - so much so that we had to go over and check it out - they must be having some amazing door prize - like giving away a free Coach Keychain or something. So, we ask the true Coach junkie - the lady at the front of the line. Her reply to why there is such a line: "I don't know - I think they might be giving an extra 10% off at the register." Wow... an entire 10 percent. Quick let's get in line! (hoping you can hear the sarcasm).

Lines were everywhere: Coach, Children's Place, Aeropostale. The sales must be incredible, right? Wrong. They were just like they are any other day when you head to the outlets. We were so unimpressed. Besides scoring a few stocking stuffers from Claire's - we came out close to empty handed. Ok, we also bought a mini whisk, a timer and a cupcake holder. Riveting, I know.

My biggest shock of the night - didn't come from the great deals. People brought their children.
That's right - children. Newborns, two year olds, six year olds, ten year olds... walking comatose in their pj's clutching their teddy bears while their ridiculous parents shopped at two in the morning for 10 percent off!!! That's my new pet peave of the week. I don't mind if you want to torture yourself and shop in the middle of the night - but there is absolutely no deal big enough to drag your precious sleeping children out of bed! If the deal is that great - get a babysitter!!!

Anyway... something about the 2:30 a.m. mark made my friend and I completely lost all rationale - and decided that it was only an hour and a half until JCPenney's opened up. That's right - JC Penney's at 4 a.m. The lines again began forming early - we decided that was just really stupid, and would wait in the car. JC Penney's is the only place that actually GAVE something to us lunatics who thought 4 a.m. was a reasonable hour to shop for Christmas. A mini snowglobe.

We scored some drapes for my living room at 65% off and she scored some pj's for the little one and a few gifts for her middle child, Brown Sugar.

Then something happened at 5 a.m. - our looniness (is this a word?) turned to hysterics when we thought it was a fantastic idea to "swing by" Toys R Us on our way home. Just so you know - there is no such thing as "swing by Toys R Us" on Black Friday. These Mommies and Daddies are crazy! We both found one thing - but once we saw the outrageous lines - bagged the deal and came home. We made it home at 6am. Whew.

So thank you my dear friend for an adventure. I've checked it off my list - and will NEVER. DO. IT. AGAIN.