Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No real reason to blog..

So - no real reason to blog. Just thought I'd put up some pics of the kids. Enjoy!
Chicken Nugget in kindergarten. Just 2 weeks to go!

Pumpkin Pie hiking with Daddy - and a "do rag"

Huckleberry and Chris Zug from Penn State @ the Blue & White Scrimmage.
The kids going to a friends Star Wars themed birthday party. Princess Lea looks mad - cute, but still mad. I think Padme' may have hit her.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heading Back to School...

Well - it's been a long week. But I've got to tell you - my Chicken Nugget is quite a trooper. Even in her worst pain, she was always so sweet. And if you know her, that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. We told her all week how proud we are of her - how she handled her pain with such grace. I told Stretch, that she's got quite a tolerance for pain - she does NOT get that from her momma. She'll be the mom who says in the delivery room, "drugs? nah."

It was a longer week than I think we all expected. She peaked on Wednesday - was feeling really good. Then crashed on Thursday and has been on the upswing since. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Chicken Nugget heads back to school tomorrow - and she is more than excited! I heard her say to one of her girlfriends on the phone, "being at home is sooooo boring". I hear ya honey!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Surgery Update...

Chicken Nugget is home and doing well. She was VERY upset when she woke up and it took over an hour to calm her down. She kept saying, "I didn't want to have my tonsils out!" "I didn't want to have my tonsils out!".

The surgery went very well. She walked herself into the operating room, holding on to her stuffed animal, Snuggles. It broke my heart - but we both held it together. She was so brave. In twenty minutes, the doctor was in the waiting room talking to us. She did great - he said she'll be breathing so much better. Hallelujah.

Apparantly, the pain gets worse for the next day or so. Sunday is "supposed" to be her worst day. So we are just praying that it doesn't get worse. I appreciate your prayers and she continues to heal.

I'll update you again later!

A Big Day for Chicken Nugget

Well, today is a big day in the life of Chicken Nugget. She is having her tonsils and adenoids out today. It's been a long time coming, and we're glad that it's finally here. We are to arrive at the surgery center at 10:30, and I imagine she'll be in surgery around 11:30/noon. If you would please pray for her today. She is hungry (no food since last night) and feeling a bit nervous. We trust that God is going to see her through this surgery beautifully. Thank you for standing with us. I'll post again tonight.