Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No real reason to blog..

So - no real reason to blog. Just thought I'd put up some pics of the kids. Enjoy!
Chicken Nugget in kindergarten. Just 2 weeks to go!

Pumpkin Pie hiking with Daddy - and a "do rag"

Huckleberry and Chris Zug from Penn State @ the Blue & White Scrimmage.
The kids going to a friends Star Wars themed birthday party. Princess Lea looks mad - cute, but still mad. I think Padme' may have hit her.


Melissa said...

Well, well, well....look who finally showed up on my blog feed! Yippeee! Love the pics, your kids only get cuter as they get older!!

Mari said...

Padme always seemed subdued, unless provoked...

Laurie said...

Great to be back in blog world and reconnect with awesome people!