Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tongue-Tied Over Heelys

Huckleberry got a VERY early birthday present - his first pair of Heelys. (Yes it's spelled with a "y" and not "ie"). He's been asking for them for two years and I keep saying, "when you turn 7". Well, for those of you who know us, Huckleberry is six months shy of turning 7. But I started researching them, looking for them on sale (not) and I found an "almost new" pair of Heelys on eBay for $47. Sweet. So, he got them early. Everytime he tells someone that he got Heelys I ask, "and what are you getting for your birthday from Mom and Dad?" He knows the answer so he smirks and says "Nothing". That's right...

But these stupid things - I can't talk about them without tripping over my words. I want to call them Wheelies, but their actually called Heelys and everytime I make the mistake you better believe he corrects me. What I WANT to say is, "Noah, take your wheels out of your heelys." But what comes out of my mouth is something not nearly as smooth. It's more like, "Noah take your wheelies out of your heelys, I mean your heelys out of your wheelies... I mean TAKE THE WHEELS OUT OF YOUR HEELYS!!!" ugh... why couldn't they just call them Wheelies. Really...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally, Our Easter Pictures

OK, ok I know Easter was like two weeks ago... I just haven't had a moment to come down here to my computer to blog. Sorry if you've been checking my site everyday, just to be disappointed that you are still reading "Girlfriend-Induced Amnesia" as my most recent post.

Easter was wonderful. We went "home" to see our families. Husband and I grew up together which makes going home easier in some ways, and difficult in others. We grew up a mile from one another so we never have to decide where we are going for the holidays. It's always the same town, but that's where the easy part ends. Husband and I have a conversation that goes something like this:

Me: Are we staying at my mom's house or your parents' house?
Husband: Your moms.
Me: Are we having Easter dinner with my mom or your parents?
Husband: My parents.
Me: Well, since we are staying at my mom's house, let's go to your mom's house for lunch, then come back and have some time with my mom before we have to go back over to your mom's house. Wait, that means we'll be eating both lunch and dinner with your mom. What about my mom?

Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! See what I mean about it not being so easy? We spend half the time of our visit back home driving back and forth trying our best to give equal time, that's also quality time, to each family. It's tricky. But it works.

Here are some pictures from our visit back home:

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Girlfriend-Induced Amnesia

Have I forgotten that I have small children? Some days, I honestly do. Like last night, for instance. I met up with a few of my best friends at our sons' T-Ball practice. All three of them have two boys, one who is on the T-Ball team, and the younger sibling who was practicing with them. Thank you to sweet little BC from The Campbell Corner for not practicing with the team, because my two girls were grateful for your company!

Whenever I see my girlfriends I get really excited to have a moment to catch up with them. Except that I momentarily forget that I am still responsible for my children. I like to call it "Girlfriend-Induced Amnesia". I just zone in on my friends and forget all about the three little children I brought with me.

At Huckleberry's practice last night I had both my two year old daughter, Pumpkin Pie (she's into EVERYTHING and my four year old daughter, Chicken Nugget (who has decided that she really just likes to hang all over me, most of the time).

Still, I try to have a normal conversation with my girlfriends while trying to tell Chicken Nugget (in my own little sign language, so as not to interrupt the conversation that I'm desperately trying to be involved in) that I just can't hold her one more time today. I pacify her for a brief few minutes as she goes to play with BC. I then realize that in the course of helping Chicken Nugget and hearing a few bits and pieces of the conversation I'm really not involved in at all, Pumpkin Pie is nowhere in my sight. Then I see another mom scoop her up as she is running towards flying t-balls and six year olds running around the bases. "Thanks", I say horribly embarrassed that someone else is watching my kids more closely than I. And then I think to myself, OK, I can go back over to my friends.

Not quite, the girls both have to go to the bathroom, great. Take them to the public bathroom, ew. Girls room isn't open, so I'm now in the men's room, and yuck there is also no soap. Gross.

OK, we're back. Where were we... (I want so desperately to be in this conversation, but have I forgotten that I have three children, two of who are not in T-Ball practice)? Apparently I have. So as I realize I'm AGAIN not paying any attention to them I glance around - Oh good, they are entertaining themselves in the double stroller. Pumpkin pie is pushing Chicken Nugget in the stroller. Great.

It feels like such a tease to have my friends right here and not be able to talk. So I try again to be involved in a conversation that was really never meant for me to be a part of... and then I hear a scream. The same mommy friend who saved Pumpkin Pie from being attacked on the T-Ball field, has now scooped up Chicken Nugget - the double stroller is flipped backwards and her mouth is filling up with blood. And what am I thinking you ask? Here's what I'm thinking - (I can't believe another mom saved both of my girls tonight, you are a terrible mother AND my next thought is - I will really get NO TIME with my friends). I rush them both down the street to our house - which thankfully is four houses down from the TBall field. I'm carrying Chicken Nugget and trying to drag two year old Pumpkin Pie - she isn't keeping up - what's wrong with her? uh - perhaps it's because she's two you idiot and her legs are like five times SHORTER than yours! So I scoop her up in my other arm (that's also carrying my thermos of tea that I thought I'd get a chance to sip while talking to my friends) and take them home. Take care of the boo boos and grab two popsicles (popsicles make most boo boos feel better).

As I head back to field, the notion of having time with my friends has slipped away. And in my heart I tell the Lord that I know I've been really selfish for the last 45 minutes. I have three beautiful children who need my attention. I don't get to choose my friends over my children like I tried to today. So now, I'm back at the field.

I now don't even desire to talk to anyone. We sit at the picnic table and eat popsicles as the TBall practice is ending. And amazingly, when I sit with the girls and give them my undivided attention, like a good mommy should, we finish the practice without incident. Hard to believe, I know.

I have such times of selfishness that I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed that I can't die to myself each day and give my kids my very best - even when my friends are there and all I want to do is have adult conversation with these friends I treasure. But then God reminds me of the three little treasures He gave me... and right now, they need me, all the time - but they won't always. In fact, I'm already noticing this with Huckleberry - and it makes me a bit sad. (Not ball your eyes out sad, but like "aw - he doesn't need me as much" sad). So instead of being mad Lord, help me to remember there will be more times for "me time" as they get older and to treasure the times with them now.

I gotta tell ya - the next time I run into this dilemma, I pray God reminds me of this crazy night where I tried to be both girlfriend and mommy. I'll give up multi-tasking and just be a mommy in those moments... and schedule a coffee date with my friends for later that night.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Clothes, Clothes, Everywhere!!!

Don't you love the change of seasons? I do. I love the sounds of a new season... in spring the windows are finally being opened, the birds are chirping, the neighborhood is alive again! On our block alone, we have twenty kids from toddlers to high schoolers... and it's wonderful. My kids are never outside alone, never bored, never needing someone to play with. They travel together in a pack from one back yard to another - and with the majority of moms at home during the day, there is always an adult around. It's just awesome.

The downside to the change of seasons, as I'm sure most moms will agree, is the "Switching of the Clothes". With three small kids, this chore seems to go on forever. It's just not as simple as switching out the long-sleeved shirts for short-sleeved ones. Oh no, I wish. Some spring days feel more like summer and we need shorts and t-shirts, then there are days like today where the kids are better off in shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and a windbreaker. Then, we have to try on all the clothes - what fits, what doesn't, what needs to be given away, stored away until next year, or put in another bin for their younger sibling. I am inundated with bins and boxes - I'm ready to scream! My girls can't even walk in their room!

So as I'm "trying" to get the kids organized, I thought I should have a bin in each of their closets that at the beginning of the season with be completely. I've labeled it "(kids name) - Too Small". Then during the season, as they outgrow their clothes, I simply toss them into this bin and at the end of the season toss it into a box to either store for their younger sibling, or give to Goodwill. I'm sure many of you are laughing at my pathetic attempt to make my life easier, but I'm pretty thrilled about it. If you have any other great ideas for this crazy change of season, I would love to hear from you! In the meantime I'll start simple...

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

My husband is a middle school teacher who will go to great lengths to motivate his students.

Every year he coordinates the Math-a-Thon, a school wide campaign to raise funds for St. Jude's Research Hospital by getting pledges for completing a certain number of math problems. In order to really motivate the kids to raise more money than usual, he decided that he would give them an incentive. If they raised $4000 this year, he would let the students shave his head, completely!

Oh my word. "Lord, please I really love St. Jude's and the sweet sick children who benefit from the funds that Husbands school will raise, but please Lord, let it be less than $4000".

Horrible, I know. So, for the last few months, my clean cut husband has been allowing his hair to grow, to make the shaving ceremony even more dramatic. I gotta tell you, the last few weeks have been a real challenge for me. I love my husband, no matter what, we've been together since the 12th grade. But... I really go for the clean cut look. I'm not a fan of facial hair, scruff, or slopping long hair. And he's gone a bit overboard. Not only did he let his hair grow for MONTHS, but he has also been forgetting to shave a small area of his face too. I don't even know what you call it, it's not a goatee, it's that small patch of hair that grows under you husband's lower lip - it's lower than a mustache, and higher than a goatee - help me out ladies. I'm sure there is a catchy name for it. I call it "dirt". Loving, I know.

God has really stretched me on this. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut and let him do what he wants with both his hair and his face, but my name isn't Say Anything for nothin'.

Husband's school raised alot of money to benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital, but not enough for him to have his head shaved in the auditorium of his school. As soon as I found out, I informed him that he should not come home until he has gone to the barber. I also told him to have the barber take the "dirt" off of his face. My husband looks like a brand new man. Hallelujah. Here are the before and after pictures: