Friday, February 1, 2008

A Simple Hello Would Be Fine...

I'm a social person. I talk to everyone. I say hello with eyecontact to people I pass on the street. I wave a thankyou to a fellow driver who has been gracious to let me in. I small talk while standing in line at the grocery store. I enjoy it. I like being friendly to complete strangers. I also like that I see the same three ladies at the dermatologist on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lorraine, Shannon and the lady who never says hi.

Lorraine is so kind and patient. She sits with the girls outside the room in the cramped hallway of the office. She knows their names, knows that they love lollipops and aren't allowed to ask for them - so she always offers, even when it's nine in the morning.

Shannon is a lovely lady in her thirties. She has kids the same ages as mine, so she's easily approachable and has fun conversations with the girls about what they are going to do for the day, and what they brought in their little pocketbooks.

Then there is "the other lady". I call her this, because I haven't bothered to know her name. Not because I don't want to know her name, but because she has NO interest in anything but getting me in and getting me out of the lightbox.

The receptionist (who also knows my name before I say it each day), calls to the back and announces that I'm waiting for the lightbox and then they send me back. So they know I'm coming. It's a 10 second walk. As I round the corner ready to give the three ladies a "goodmorning" - she cuts me off and says "any burning?" That's it, never a hello. "Any burning" is really all she ever says to me. So, I've never had a chance to know her name. She never faces me, never looks at me. Not interested. Maybe I should go waaayyy out of my way to get to know her. You know, kill her with kindness.

So many people are rude and self absorbed, rushing through their day demanding attention, demanding things from others. I think how easy it to say the simple things. You know the "hello", "excuse me", "please", "thank you". It's not hard - but I think it makes the world of difference to those around us. Let's go out of our way to show them the love of Jesus with our hellos, our pleases, and our thank yous.